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Picture #1 {Holland), John Luppens, AKA, “Arie John Nickolaas Droppert” , was nicknamed “Yopie’, born in Haarlem, Holland., immigrated to the United States with his parents .  John, as a Dutchman and a believer in God, knows that nothing is impossible.  The Dutch have built windmills, dike’s and taken back from the sea one third of the size of the country. An incredible feat, impossible but they made it possible. So does the Dutchman John and his God.

(Picture 2 Kids) John builds long lasting relationships in the process of his real estate as well as outside of real estate. John is a family man with a strong devotion to God and humanity his beautiful wife, four children of various cultures, five grandchildren.  In fact, they adopted one of their daughters in Suriname and a son and two daughters in New York City.


(picture 3 – picture of John quite young with parents or at mailbox.)  John is an example of honesty, hard work, energy in every detail of real estate transactions. He started his career in sales at the age of 10 selling “Real Silk Socks”, and  was still wearing them a couple of years ago. When in High School, he sold more chocolate bars, around 1000, than any student in the school to fund a new gym floor.  And he fondly chuckles about eating his share of chocolate bars to support to fund raiser. That helped him during the last 14 years to  successfully represent both buyers and sellers in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.   He has even travelled to New York to find a suitable site to be a training school for youth.


(Picture 4 NYC)

He graduated from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. John started his ministry in New York City. While in the seminary he wrote a book, New York City a Symbol, in which he shares an inspired model how Jesus would work the cities  as a Healer, Teacher and Evangelist. The book has had 5 printings and has been distributed to many people of various cultures throughout the world. His passion is still to motivate others to join him in assisting setting up “The Model” in both NYC and here on the West Coast in the San Diego area

(Picture 5 – Suriname) He then served as a missionary in Suriname, South America.  He and his family were rudely awakened three months after arriving there to hear loud shots. The next morning they were shocked  that a revolution had taken over.  However, they stayed to finish the job they had accepted. He  recalls doing a nationwide TV presentation, with a young son, Sam, on “How to Stop Smoking in 5 Days”, people welcomed them on the streets of the capital, Paramaribo and pointed to them saying “Roken who Kom je der van af” meaning “Smoking how do you get off”


He is passionate about helping the community with health programs  serving people by organizing and assisting in many community service program like “How to Stop Smoking”, “Vegetarian Cooking With Success”,  “Getting Through Depression” and “Health Expo’s”. Prior to the coup,  he interviewed the President of the country.


(Picture 6  John prayes)If desired, he also prays over each transaction and his clients have seen many miracles associated with the sale and/or purchase of their homes.


(Picture 7 Crest Farm) His interest’s include handwriting analysis, seeing the personality and character of an individual through their handwriting. John wants to help people reach their highest dreams and goals through home ownership.   Another interest is to oversee his 40 fruit trees and bale garden on his 3.3 acres in the community of Crest. Having worked for the California Conservation Corps in San Diego as a recruiter for a number of years has given John a passion for conservation and recycling as well. 


John also loves thinking outside the box to share resources for first time home buyers by providing names of loan officers who specialize in  grants and special loans for down payment assistance. There have been a number of  clients who have benefited from this service.


He has worked primarily by client referral’s, but procuring this website means that he is expanding his horizans)  has travelled where the clients are. From San Diego he has travelled to Monterey County, New York, San Bernardino experts working with him to provide excellent service.  uld love to help you fulfill your hopes in either commercial or residential real estate., Yucaipa, Riverside, & Sacramento. 


Call me, we’ll talk. 619.851.7774